learn about bride hats and shapes

"the bride's hat is one of the bride's accessories for her look. it suits every modern bride looking for excellence away from the crown and veil. if you are one of those brides, learn about the types of hats worn by the bride and choose one of them. „

retina hat.

if you're looking for simplicity and softness, a mesh hat in its various forms is best suited to you. it either covers your face or the edge of the forehead. it is decorated with roses and feathers to give your look more beauty and elegance. for a full look, take a piece of cloth from your dress and apply it to the hat to become a ensemble.

the big hat.

are you one of the brides who has the audacity to wear everything that's special and weird? if you are, don't hesitate to choose big hats, especially if your wedding is in the summer, it gives you elegance on the one hand and protects you from the sunshine on the other. this hat has different colors so you can choose the color of the hat that suits your dress and choose the color of the rose that adorns it from the colors of the lounge decorations.

cylindrical hat

cylindrical hats have become widespread lately and they are placed either on the tip or middle of your head and dangling from both ends of the net to increase your look beautiful and elegant if you are a modern bride and choose a dress that reflects your taste and do not want to put a crown or veil, this hat is the most appropriate for your taste.

round hat

it is the hat worn by ataturk and charlie chaplin. its beauty lies in its circular and slanted limbs at the same time as any other fabric can be interspersed and you can decorate it with a vein of your dress to give it more beauty.

feather hat

if your wedding is in winter and your dress is punctuated by feathers, whether in the beach or the bolero, do not hesitate to complete your look by wearing a feather hat decorated with diamond beads and you can choose it decorated with a mesh. the most syllable in this hat is a high hairstyle. this hat suits you if your taste is classic.

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bride accessories are the details that highlight the beauty of the bride and complete her look

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